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"Cybersecurity in the Cloud Era: Financial and Operational Impacts Decoded, a Guide for CISOs and CFOs"

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White Paper Abstract:

Enterprises conducting business in the cloud must fundamentally change the way they manage cybersecurity.

  • Enterprises must rethink how they assess the financial risk from cyberattacks.
  • This white paper proposes an innovative approach to modeling cyber risk in cloud-based business operations.
  • It also addresses the implications for cyber insurance, a critical requirement in effective enterprise risk management for all businesses.
  • Included is a proprietary framework for the type of controls and the insurance/financial risks.

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About Measured Analytics and Insurance

At Measured Analytics and Insurance (Measured), we provide more than cyber insurance, we light the path to confidence and security in cyber realms.


Companies want confidence, quantified.

Diligence, quantified.
Trust, quantified.
That is Measured.​

We offer practical answers and innovative cyber insurance solutions for businesses seeking to manage enterprise cyber risks. Whether it's cybercrime, business interruption, or other malicious activity perpetrated by bad actors, the threats and the financial costs are real and complex. Our aim is to make our customers fluent and confident in integrating financial risk mitigation and cyber risk management into enterprise risk management.

Measured first helps ensure our customers are technologically secure. Then, Measured provides cyber insurance to protect businesses and manage enterprise financial risk. With national security grade threat intelligence in our DNA, our team monitors the threat environment and evaluates insureds' risk exposure on an ongoing basis. We ask the right questions, leveraging our proprietary data and algorithmic intelligence. We then analyze and interpret, solving for optimal protection and value, based on our multi-decade experience in insurance underwriting, data analytics, and technology. 

About the Author

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Padmanabh Dabke, Chief Product Officer

Dr. Padmanabh Dabke is the Chief Product Officer at Measured AI. He spearheads the development of next-generation
cyber risk analytics and technology-enabled insurance solutions. Prior to joining Measured AI, he held leadership
positions in the information security, finance, and defense sectors.